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Years ago, while struggling to operate with loose carbon steel scissors, Dr. Jeffrey Lasner resolved to determine why his traditional pivoted instruments so frequently fail. He discovered that the pressure under which the hardened, stiff blades meet to create the necessary shear for a clean cut is stronger than the pivotal attachment of the rivet or screw. Over time, this constant force caused scissors to loosen and splay in the critical tip area. A new design was needed that would relieve the internal stresses inherent in every commonly manufactured, pivoting instrument.

By combining the advantages of the finest spring stainless steel construction with a lightweight ergonomic design, a new generation of scissors was born. In 1994, Laschal introduced their MicroPoint Surgical Scissors designed to outperform and outlast all others. MicroPoint Scissors offer a 300% greater shear angle than traditional scissors to cut tissue without crushing—all the way to the tip.

Utilizing the breakthrough, spring steel technology, first proven in MicroPoint Scissors, Laschal has applied their stress-relief engineering to dozens of surgical and restorative instruments that solve common handling, access and dependability problems. All Laschal instruments are fully sterilizable and guaranteed for life against rust, loosening and breakage when used as indicated. Laschal instruments are proudly made in the USA.

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